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Singing Lessons

Cambridge Voice Studio (CB1)

My main strength as a singing teacher is working with experienced students who are up and running in a choir, opera group, or other performing activities and would like to work on improving their craft, practice, and vocal freedom.  That said, people come for singing lessons for many varied and wonderful reasons: Advanced level performance goals, wishing to sing more freely and confidently in a choir, or for a valued emotional release and therapy (to name but a few!).  All are entirely valid and I am passionate to help all students of all ages to get the absolute most from their singing. 

In lessons I focus on building a secure vocal technique in exercises and suitable repertoire. In essence this means establishing a good posture, a free and efficient projection, and a consistency of tone across the full vocal, textual, and dynamic range.  This provides students a good foundation to explore and realise their creative and expressive goals in group singing, and/or dramatic performance. I provide piano accompaniment in the lessons as well as language coaching, specific advice for young/developing voices, voice rehabilitation exercises, performance coaching, and/or exam preparation. 

Students may opt to extend their lesson slot to include piano (grades 1-8), musicianship,  music theory, aural skills, and/or sight-singing. I am also a full member of the 'Association of Teachers of Singing' ( and hold an enhanced DBS check.


“The solos went really well… I felt so free… Thank you so much for all your amazing advice! (D, 45; Baritone [classical])

“Thank you for being such a high point in J’s week! However tired she is, she always comes out of her singing lessons energised and happy :-) (J, 13; music theatre singer).

“… wow, I wasn’t expecting that… thank you so much… really really pleased!!!” (L, 32; choral scholar, grade 8 distinction [142/150]).

Pricing (2022):

Singing Lessons - (60£*/hr)

Vocal Coaching - (60£*/hr)

Piano Lessons - (44£/hr)

Musicianship, Music Theory, Aural Skills, Sight Singing (44£/hr)

* a discounted rate of 50£/hr is available for singers U16

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